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Holistic healing, energy work and compassion clearings

She has a kind of grace, calmness and wordless compassion that sets the energy and pace of the entire session she will be working with you, on you. She has a soft, soothing, gentle touch of a healer yet does all kinds of Asian bodywork that involve intense, firm body massages. She is quite well read and her knowledge of arts, music, culture, history, bodyscience and metaphysics is equally impressive. She is a vegetarian, environmentally conscious, very generous. She can sell herself short but will not overcharge her clients…in fact, none of her sessions run exactly on time because she is so generous with her time.

Veena Saraswati Lucas, massage therapist, energy-worker, compassion healer, herbalist, nutritionist…she wears many hats and am glad I met her in 2012 when I had scheduled my first ever massage appointment having looked up online. All of her services are highly recommended.

Veena speaks softly, listens intently and remembers every detail of her client’s condition, as well as her own recommendations, prescribed methods of healing, recovery etc. She attends to her clients needs even when she is not working. She works incredibly long hours to be able to run a successful business between two cities, commuting at least 8-12 hours every week and dreams to have a work cum living space, so she can raise her daughter near the bay, where both mother and daughter love to live. She plans to have her own apothecary, and make organic herbal concoctions, ointments and lotions and have her own range of healing products one day.

And that is to say only a little of what I know about her. I wish her all the best, she’s such a kind, compassionate soul.

Veena with her lovely daughter Nadia

Please visit Veena at: http://www.bodycontinuum.com/ and http://veenasaraswati.com/  for more information!!