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Welcome and Thank You 2017

Life is beautiful. What we give to life, it gives us back. The things we choose to see, the thoughts we choose to believe and put our focus on, show up and multiply tenfold into our experiences. So, let’s learn to be mindful of what we want because the things we are asking for in our most unpretentious, selfless, sincere moments do make their way into our lives. Let’s strive to see, think and be the very best of who we want to be. Let’s attract the finest…the happiest,  most awesome life filled with millions and millions of tiny miracles, gratitude and love that turn our fears and doubts into a fine mist of starry dust. Let’s be thankful for moments that help us grow stronger, kinder and lovelier than the last moment that just passed by. Let us be the person we would fall oh so head over heel in love with.

Welcome 2017. Thank you for being the year that continues to help me grow into this beautiful, strong, kind, cheerful, happy, generous, resourceful,  multi talented woman I have always wanted to be ever since I was a little girl. Thank you for allowing me to find gratitude, beauty and love everywhere I step into. Life is easy, and I am happy.

And Pinterest makes it so much fun ….some of my favorite pins for 2017!!

Letting go

let-goMastering the art of letting go…

of people whose actions, words and intentions are not in alignment,

of things you have no control over,

of disappointments and failures,

of expectations of one another..

is always difficult if you haven’t mastered solitude first.


In love with Martial Arts

and our TKD school!!!

My friend asked if I had taken a tour of other Martial Arts schools around the area since I loved the energy of Martial Artists so much. I said yes, I have and I didn’t like the places I have been to. The teachers/instructors/assistants seemed too formal, superficial, overly competitive, pushy, aggressive…! Not that they are not successful schools or good teachers. There are students who are seeking what these schools have to offer…and they do tremendously well in those surroundings, and environment.  I just can’t appreciate or stand an egoistic attitude.

Here, I find no attitude just plain good vibes, a great learning environment, well behaved students, all thanks to Mr. Mota. My kids don’t like going to class if he’s not teaching.


January 2015 Belt Ceremony

Belt Ceremony Jan 2015_1

Getting to the next belt means more intense training, learning better coordination, balance, building more stamina, endurance, flexibility, power, speed…learning new forms, advanced kicks and blocks…facing bigger challenges!!  

Belt Ceremony Jan 2015_5

Belt Ceremony Jan 2015_4
Belt Ceremony Jan 2015_7

Belt Ceremony Jan 2015_12

Children have this unmatched energy, pure and contagious…such innocent dedication in a 4 yr old makes me happy, if I ever wanted to be young again I would be a happy 4 yr old and a student at this school!! 🙂

 Disclaimer: Kids above are Master Alex Mota’s students.  Parents that do not wish to have their child’s picture posted here, please email at to have them removed. Thanks.


Belt Test January 2015

Disclaimer: Pictures in this article are of students learning Taekwondo at our school and have been posted with the intention of sharing and promoting Taekwondo and acknowledging Martial Arts as an essential part of a child’s growth and development. This is my personal blog…these are my opinions, thoughts and ideas…I am not paid to write. I request any parent that wishes not to have their child’s picture posted here, please email at to have them removed. 


We commit. We learn. We grow. We train hard (well, I do not train as hard as I should, I do what I can, and try to be better than last time!!). We get stronger. We help each other. We work together. We go past our limitations. We exceed our expectations. Every single day!

And then every two months we get to test our skills 🙂


Showing respect to the Flags…


Mr. Mota giving instructions before testing ..

DSC_0880 DSC_0884

Warmup begins..students doing their best as this is a part of the test! 


Testing begins..

The cutest father-daughter pair at our dojang – Melanie and Mr. Kim (don’t go by the white belts around their waist, both of them have amazing technique and are fierce fighters!)



 My new friend Ashlee – she’s fit n beautiful n amazingly flexible n has equally great technique! And definitely don’t look at her white belt…she’s fierce!!! That’s one talented, dedicated, inspiring family. 

DSC_0914 DSC_0916 DSC_0917

Testing with Ashlee is Ali, he’s bright, respectful and a fast learner…will appreciate and congratulate everyone after every class and/or test.

 DSC_0921 DSC_0923

These are all great kids- determined, talented and most of them on their way to earning a Black Belt. I have much respect for parents who toil all day and still make sure their kids are in class on time, learning a great skill!!!


Our instructors Mr Mota, Mr. Stoffel and Mr. Burnham after they put Gabe and Alex together!!

DSC_0995 - Copy

Just a slight size difference guys…Gabe (on the right) is the tallest and the nicest kid (lol Gabe is nice, he won’t be mad I called him a kid) and Alex (on the left) has the loudest kihap, brings great energy to the floor!!


Board Breaking Fun begins….

DSC_1004 - Copy


Holding the board and assisting the kids is 3rd Degree Black Belt Chris Brown, another talented kid!!

DSC_1006 DSC_1010  DSC_1013 - CopyDSC_1011 DSC_1012 - Copy  DSC_1005DSC_1008


.. and we shall test again in March!!! 

Next time I will have someone take pictures of the higher belts testing.

The world needs more Martial Arts n less violence

All these people here make learning Taekwondo absolutely worthwhile!!

Taekwondo has taken over my life it seems and this blog as well. I haven’t been writing much about anything else lately. I am not even attending dance classes as it’s right after my Saturday TKD class and am usually left with no energy to burn by the time I finish. The main driving force behind doing Martial Arts at the time is this goal of earning a Black Belt. So although dance is and will always remain my first love, with Taekwondo I actually get something tangible in return. It gives me purpose, direction and motivation to strive for a certain standard that I set for myself or better, that my teacher sets for me.

Several of our White Belt students taking their first Belt Test!!


DSC_0646                                     DSC_0661DSC_0660

 Belt tests and Belt promotions are like stepping stones. They provide students with that much needed inspiration to go on working harder, doing their best, mainly not giving up. Passing the test, being awarded a shiny new belt every two months at a special Belt Ceremony is worth working for and students look forward to it. And our school has an awesome line of instructors who serve as great role models for us.

Chief instructor Mr. Mota demonstrating a spin jump kick and a board break during the belt test we had at our school last week.

Instructors 3rd Dan Mr Stoffel who trained with Mr. Mota and 2nd Dan Mr. Burnham, both with ample years of experience in Martial Arts, also did demonstrations for the students, parents and families of students. Both are talented, gentle, humble and very well liked.

This is what I strive for…and wish my kids to strive for as well.I actually wish all kids worldwide to try at least once in their lifetime, one or more forms of Martial Arts. A little too much to ask for perhaps but no harm in wishing for something that might bring about a much needed change!!

DSC_0871 (Joyeeta Majumdar's conflicted copy 2014-11-20)
Chief Instructor Master Alex Mota (middle) with instructors Mr. Stoffel (right) and Mr. Burnham (left)

In my ideal world there would be more martial artists, less violence, happy faces and amazing smiles 🙂

Taekwondo Instructors Mr. Stoffel, Mr. Burnham and our Black Belt students with Chief Instructor Master Alex Mota and guest judge Master James Hall

Fun times at Master Alex Mota’s dojang

Taekwondo is a military sport and there are rules to follow from the moment you enter a dojang…but even as you train hard its important not to forget life is about having fun. And part of having fun is loving what you do and rewarding yourself for the efforts you put towards achieving your goals. Well, students get plenty of opportunities learning with Mr Mota for doing just that.


We had our Super Heroes Vs Villains Vs the World and Trunk or Treat Party last weekend 😉 ! Parents decorated their trunks with Halloween horror and goodies. And kids (some in the picture above) helped Mr Mota decorate the dojang. This year we had a food truck, which was even better. And a huge box full of candies which was gone in seconds. Everyone had a fun time with games, food and costumes!! Our parking lot was beaming with radiant energy, vibrant colors and lots of creativity. And of course SMILES 🙂

Mr Mota’s son, Ashland made a debut on the floor mat right before our costume contest began which was great cuz he’s the cutest, most adorable thing EVER. Oh and he was Mr. Goofy!! it probably was his first Halloween experience and hopefully a pleasant one! Well, considering he smiled at me couple times he wandered off to his dad wondering why he wasn’t getting any attention from him and was gently steered away with an even bigger smile, I would like to believe he wasn’t entirely unhappy 🙂 A baby’s smile always always makes my day!!  Isn’t it the purest, most precious thing in the world…?


Well, those little legs are kicking already and it won’t be long before he joins us at the studio…!! Oh baby, you’re welcome to grace us with your smile and wobbly walk anytime 🙂

So yeah…we have cool, healthy, fun and family oriented events at our dojang all year round. I wish I could compile pictures for each year and post them for each event. Its nice of a school to build memories for its students and share them…right!!