A multitude of emotions we all go through in our day to day lives. Writing this blog is my attempt to filter, capture and preserve the moments, the feelings, the overall experiences of my life which while fleeting by teach me the most important lesson…..”not to lose hope” and  to continue with renewed energy everytime I fall. To bounce back with a lot more goodness, compassion and love to offer to the world around me and beyond!!


5 thoughts on “About

  1. I wish this was the real world…where there could be such beautiful, uncomplicated connection of souls that didn’t have to compete to be one up the other…every moment of life!
    And we could just be ourselves…express our opinions freely and not worry about being accepted or rebuked!

  2. Joyeeta….way to go…NEVER EVER stop writing! Looking forward to many more thought provoking posts from you.

  3. Hi Rakhee…you have made me feel very special and I promise I will continue to write 🙂

    Love and hugs,

  4. Hi…. i came across your Blog via IIHM. Why don’t you put a widget so that people can’follow’your blog or put up a email subscription via feed burner.

    It ll help to keep track 🙂

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