Welcome and Thank You 2017

Life is beautiful. What we give to life, it gives us back. The things we choose to see, the thoughts we choose to believe and put our focus on, show up and multiply tenfold into our experiences. So, let’s learn to be mindful of what we want because the things we are asking for in our most unpretentious, selfless, sincere moments do make their way into our lives. Let’s strive to see, think and be the very best of who we want to be. Let’s attract the finest…the happiest,  most awesome life filled with millions and millions of tiny miracles, gratitude and love that turn our fears and doubts into a fine mist of starry dust. Let’s be thankful for moments that help us grow stronger, kinder and lovelier than the last moment that just passed by. Let us be the person we would fall oh so head over heel in love with.

Welcome 2017. Thank you for being the year that continues to help me grow into this beautiful, strong, kind, cheerful, happy, generous, resourceful,  multi talented woman I have always wanted to be ever since I was a little girl. Thank you for allowing me to find gratitude, beauty and love everywhere I step into. Life is easy, and I am happy.

And Pinterest makes it so much fun ….some of my favorite pins for 2017!!


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